tree stabilizing
The method preferred by most landscape engineers for tree stabilization
tree staple
Landscapers, Architects & Engineers

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Tree Staple below-grade stabilizing system for newly planted trees and shrubs is: 

  • simpler (just hammer it in) 
  • faster (1 minute installation) 
  • safer (no dangerous stakes or wires) 
  • less expensive (no adjusting, no removal) and 
  • better looking than stake and wire systems 

How does it work? 
Tree Staple stabilizers secure new plantings by the root-ball. This unique tree stabilizing design alternative to tree staking provides notable cost savings through quick and easy installation with no need for removal, and results in a healthier, better looking tree. But don't take our word for it, check out the testimonials throughout this site and the independent research supporting Tree Staple stabilizing as a great alternative to stake and wire.
Please read on to learn more about Tree Staple stabilizers (including sizes, specs, and applications), how to install (in English and Spanish), and where to buy. Also, feel free to contact us to learn more or get help with a particular project.
“The Tree Staples worked terrific and were easy to install.”
–Robert M. Holling, Director of Parks, Recreation & Forestry, City of Sun Prairie