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The method preferred by most landscape engineers for tree stabilization
tree staple
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About Tree Staple

Tree Staple, Inc., founded in 1998 and incorporated in 2000, makes, markets and sells patented below-grade stabilizing systems for transplanted trees and shrubs under the Tree Staple™ brand. TSI's products are manufactured by U.S. based companies.

Tree Staple™ products minimize safety risks, improve aesthetics and reduce labor and capital requirements for landscape and nursery projects.

Tree Staple™ stabilizers come in 4 sizes to meet the needs of landscape transplanting: 2" to 8" caliper trees.

Tree Staple™ is the property of Tree Staple, Inc. Tree Staple™ stabilizers are patented; No.s 6,065,243, 6,141,903, & 6,516,561.

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