tree stabilizing
The method preferred by most landscape engineers for tree stabilization
tree staple
Landscapers, Architects & Engineers

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tree staking
“The Tree Staples worked terrific and were easy to install.”
–Robert M. Holling, Director of Parks, Recreation & Forestry, City of Sun Prairie
"I was very impressed with the logic behind your product."
–Evelyn Weatherford, Landscape Supervisor, Arkansas State University
"Virtually invisible once installed. Congratulations on an innovative solution!"
–Jan-Marie Traynor, Coordinator & Professor , Agricultural Technology Program, County College of Morris
" ... Tree Staple, Inc. sells the new below-grade stabilizing system under the Tree Staple™ brand. The product and its concept have captured the interest of the ANLA who is encouraging all municipalities, landscape architects, state governments and landscape installers to consider alternatives to traditional staking and guying specifications.."
–City Trees, Nov. 2002 Issue